A sharp taste with nutty smell, used in all dishes.

Method: Heat a little vegetable oil or melted, sprinkle the seeds there, a few seconds they will crack and burst, roblyachys of iron gray. Then add the seeds in a dish.

Useful and therapeutic properties

In medical practice using black mustard seeds, which have about the same composition as the seeds of white mustard. That contain fatty oil, essential oil (35% and 1%), glycoside-sinihami and markets. potassium salt and others. With mustard seeds make a powder that goes into the preparation of mustard plaster, which helps relieve pain rheumatism.

Black mustard is used in the pharmaceutical industry for a variety of herbal medicines.

Required quality mustard:
– Ash, maximum – 2%
– Moisture, maximum – 10%
– The color, smell – characteristic type.
– Packaging – 25 kg p / p bags or “big bags” weighing about 1,000 kg.
Maybe our rendering “Big-bags.”
Minimum quantity – 20 tons.