In Ukraine, more expensive sunflower seeds

Wednesday November 4th, 2015

On the Ukrainian market is marked price rise in all kinds of agricultural products. Sunflower seeds – is no exception. According to experts of the Institute of Agricultural Economics, the upward trend in prices for sunflower seeds remain. Reasons for price hike: improvement of the situation on the export market (there is quite a competitive Ukrainian sunflower), as well as the difficult economic Situation in Ukraine itself.
For the last week the price of demand rose by an average of 100-200 hryvnia per ton, and now account for 4200-4500 hryvnia per ton from the CPT in the central regions to 4700 hryvnia per ton in the South of Ukraine. Increased and the export price – up to $ 390 per tonne for marine shipments. Subject rise in price of oilseeds in the domestic market was raised at the XIII International Conference on the oil industry, which was held in Kiev October 30 29i.
The rise in price has affected, and other crops. Crops grown on average by 28-30%, rice – by 19.5%, barley – 12.9% buckwheat – by 15.1%. Prices of pork rose 16.9%, meat of cattle – by 21.9%, poultry – by 8%, eggs – up to 12%. Rape becomes more expensive by an average of 33%, potatoes – by 21%, sugar 26% svekla-.
Forecasts. Prices are rising only

Experts predict that the price of sunflower seeds to grow further. Growth this year will cease with the end of the harvest season (end of November) and stops at 5000-5200 hryvnia per ton. Long-term forecasts do not realistic because of the difficult economic and political situation in the state. For this reason, manufacturers are not in a hurry to export crops, ozhidayanovoy wave of devaluation. Vedv case to sell sunflower seeds on the world market will be more profitable.
It is the world market to a greater extent opredelyaettsenovuyu policy on oilseeds. And it ukrainskieproizvoditeli can neither be taken into account, because the produce nearly 7 times more sunflower seeds than necessary consumers in Ukraine.

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